How our service works

We keep it simple so you can stop worrying.

4 steps to your perfect speech


Every customer is different, and the process for helping you with a best man’s speech you have to deliver this weekend will be different from the service we offer to a Chief Executive who has to deliver a lecture in 3 months’ time. Most people have never worked with a speechwriter before so, to help you understand what it involves, here’s a summary of how our service usually works.  

Step 1. Questionnaire

After you get in touch we’ll send you a short questionnaire to fill out. This is to give us an idea of the event you are speaking at. The quicker we can get a sense of when you are speaking, what you want to say, who you are speaking in front of, and, most importantly, who you are, the easier the process will be. This questionnaire will help to make the next step more productive.

Step 2. Consultation & Quotation

We will then arrange a time to speak to you over the telephone for an initial consultation. This conversation will almost always be with our chief writer. The person you speak to throughout the service will be the person who is writing your speech.

This conversation will take between half an hour and an hour and a half. Your speech has to be written in your voice and it takes time to get to know the person we are writing for. It also takes time to tease out the details, anecdotes and colourful information that we need to craft a memorable speech. We’ll ask dozens of questions, then we’ll ask more, but this is essential to the process of speechwriting.

We’ll agree a price for the speech. If it’s a bigger communications project which combines writing, message development and communications strategy we’ll quote for the whole package. In any event, we’ll stick to the agreed price for the agreed product.

Step 3. Drafting

We’ll then come back to you with an outline of the text or an initial draft of the speech. This will be something for you to react to. Often our writer will hit the mark quickly. Other times this first draft will be as useful for establishing what the client doesn’t want to say as it is for agreeing what you do want to say. That’s fine. We will then either follow up with another telephone call or continue via email if that is working ok.

We’ll send you as many drafts as it takes to get to a finished product.  Our aim is that the final speech reads like it is in your authentic voice. It just won’t work if a normally reserved person delivers a speech that would have seemed over the top coming out of Martin Luther King’s mouth. If you have a gentle sense of humour we’ll write with subtlety, if you have a big personality we’ll write big!

We’ll work on the speech until we are both happy that you have the best possible speech and that you have the confidence you need to deliver it well.

Step 4. Delivery

We don't just give you a speech, we'll give you the performance advice you need to deliver it effectively. Once we’ve finished writing we can also offer further help with performance coaching, managing nerves, designing presentations, and preparing media strategies. We offer a full-service to make sure every aspect of the event you are speaking at is perfect.


We can't deliver the speech for you but we can make sure that everything else is taken care of.

Left it to the last minute? We can still help! Drop us a line and we'll get right back to you.

What does it cost?


When we talk on the phone we'll agree the price for the speech. Then that's it. You get as many rewrites as you need, as much time as you need to get the perfect speech.


In fact, we're so confident you'll be happy with our service we won't ask for a penny until you have a speech you are happy with. 

The cost of our service is:

Best Man's Speech - £300/$400.

Shorter Wedding Speech - £150/$200

Redrafting of Existing Speech - £150/$200

Keynote Executive Speech Service - Quote on Request