Weddings & Formal Speeches

If it's a special day, make sure your speech is special too.

When planning a special occasion we can spend so much time worrying about the details of the catering or the venue without giving as much thought to making sure the formal proceedings are just as perfect.

Whether you are a best man, bride, maid of honour, father of the groom, we'll work with you to create the perfect, personal speech for you.


Our process is simple, we'll send you a short questionnaire, then we'll take real time to talk to you so we understand exactly what you want to say. Our aim is to write in your voice, to bring out the best in you. We'll send you a draft text, talk it through with you and give you as many redrafts as you need.

We'll agree a price with you and stick to it. We'll quote you a price at your first consultation. Typically it will cost  £300/$400 for a best man's speech from scratch or, if you have a text and want it polished by a professional, we'll charge £150. We take pride in what we do.

We'll work until you have a text you are happy with.


No old cheesy jokes, no tired templates. We won't be happy until you have a text you are happy with. We'll give you all the help you need: tips on delivery, timing, dealing with nerves.

We can also help with speeches for other formal events. We've written for every formal occasion you can imagine, from golden wedding celebrations or immortal memories for Burns suppers, to eulogies for funerals.


Worried about a wedding speech? Help is just a click away. We can start work on your speech today.